Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer Party!

Hello friends, this will be a quick post since we have English Corner... now! Haha. Here are our team's individual prayer requests:
  1. ALEX- time management to use the last four days of school effectively; also for boldness, courage, and faith
  2. ALISA- presenting Bridge to Life at English Corner tomorrow; also pray for strength and renewal
  3. CALEB- giving testimony at the Evangelistic Party on Thursday, pray for the right words to stay and good preparation
  4. DORIS-to build good relationships
  5. GREG-to finish out this week strong, and looking for opportunities to share or build relationships
  6. JOSH- ENERGY. No hesitation
  7. KARA-Jump at opportunities to share with the kids I've connected with
  8. LORRAINE- have wisdom/guidance to lead more deep spiritual conversations with students; energy
  9. NOR- wisdom to lead, patience to wait on God's timing, and focus on the task at hand (and not being anxious)
  10. SONNY- be more personal with students
  11. STEPHANIE-to share the gospel with a couple of students I've become close with; pray for no more bug bites!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are starting our last week here, so pray that God will continue to use us effectively! Kup koon ka! :)

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  1. SawadeeHey, Thailanders!!!

    I got back from AZ on Sunday evening. (A great trip, many answered prayers.) Sorry, I'm not on a plane to join you. I wish I could.

    It's been great—and hilarious—reading these blog updates. I'm glad you're all being used by God to build relationships to create opportunity to share about Jesus. Be Strong and Courageous! Seize those small and big opportunities to give the good news of Jesus Christ.

    I hope the weekend activities went well; looking forward to reading a recap.

    I will have you each in prayer.

    No candy for Caleb.