Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aloha from MoBoSo!

MoBoSo = the nickname for our school

Day 1 of teaching was a little chaotic, but good. It took a little while, but everyone was soon settled into their teaching schedules and went off to meet their students. The staff is very kind and helpful, many being very fluent in English. 5baht Thai tea + 25baht seafood soup noodles for lunch = $1 USD! I love Thailand!

During lunch we sat in on the singing competition for the Foreign Language Department. It was pretty funny watching the kids sing along to Kelly Clarkson and Ingrid Michelson!

A few recent adventures...
- speed boating across to Laos
- eating dinner on the street and having torrential downpour fall on us.. then driving back to the resort in the back of Peter's truck. Everyone was soaked!
- giant dragonfly invaded my & Steph's room last night, a big lizard the night before..

OKAY! Time for our first afterschool program. It was a little rough trying to publicize this event, so pray that many students come! More updates to come soon!

KUP KOON KA, everyone!!!

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