Wednesday, July 20, 2011

me of little faith

Last time I wrote how nervous I was about English Corner, and when we went upstairs to meet the students, no one came. After about 20 minutes, I started to wonder if anyone would come at all and even thought that because of the rain maybe we should just leave. Then Greg told me that students were here to meet us... 29 of them! I really couldn't believe it that even with the disorganization of the first day, that many still came out. We discussed love in groups and it was hard for some to understand (and hard for our team members to explain) 'unconditional love' but it was a start.

Yesterday, we had 36 students and sang Making Melodies, Deep Deep, and Jesus is a Friend. The students seemed to like it and had fun doing the hand motions, and later, even started to ask who Jesus was. Lillian was able to quickly explain the song lyrics... doors are slowly opening!

Today we are having discussion groups again, and tomorrow we will be sharing the gospel through the wordless book colors. God is on the move! :)

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