Monday, July 18, 2011

Internet Success!

Ahem, this is your captain speaking...

Sawadeeheyy everyone!

We finally found internet! PTL! Sorry that we weren't able to update earlier but we finally were able to get online at the school we are teaching at.

The first few days have been... scenic. Our team had the opportunity to visit (the outside of) the Opium Museum, the Golden Triangle, and even take a boat across to Laos. Many random adventures courtesy of Pillian (Peter & Lillian).

And today... we have finally begun teaching! It's been kind of hectic today because we found out that class schedules were different but as with any missions trip, you have to be flexible. And now that we've met students, it's kind of exciting and challenging. Excited to meet new students but challenging in terms of the language barrier. Please continue to pray that God will open opportunities to build relationships and witness.

Alright, hopefully we'll be able to provide more updates throughout the trip. Please continue to pray for safety, good health, mosquito repellant effectiveness, and open hearts.


Captain Sonny

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