Friday, July 29, 2011


This is your captain speaking...

We just arrived at the orphanage! It is super hot and humid but it was exciting to see the kids again! There's actually a lot more kids than last year and we found out it's because the orphanage is housing Ahka kids who were flooded from their dormitory last week. Please pray that their dormitory can be repaired back to a livable condition (but in the meantime that we can also have fun with them!).

Tomorrow is the Happy Camp and we're anticipating over 100 kids (a lot more than expected)! Holy moly! Please pray that our team will be able to make adjustments and overall be able to show love with our little brothers and sisters.

Sawadeebye for now! Salute!

Captain Somchai


  1. Hi Friends, I hope you're all doing super well. After a Happy Camp of 100+, I'm sure you're exhausted. I hope it all went well. I trust it did since prayer was covering it.
    It just dawned on me that you wrapped up your two weeks at the Christian orphanage, and it was good to be in fellowship with believers. I hope it brought a joyful experience to you.
    I read Josh's previous post about the Evangelistic party. It reads like it went well and you were able to show the love of Jesus Christ. Great call on doing Lighthouse. It is a moving presentation.

    I really looking forward to being reunited with you on Sunday. Will continue to have you in prayer.

    Hong Nam

  2. whoops. my bad. Alisa's post.