Monday, August 8, 2011

ALL glory to God!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support these last months as we prepared, and especially during the 2.5 weeks we were in Thailand. We had an incredible trip because of your prayers and God was so faithful to bless!

Hear more about the trip THIS SUNDAY, August 14, in all four services!
(Pro tip: different members will speak in each service, so if you want to catch them all, be prepared to run around a bit)

9:00 Mandarin, Cantonese, and Youth services
11:00 English service

In addition to our team, come hear reports from Arizona, India, and China teams! God is moving around the world! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Teacher Serenade

We often heard this student's wail/cry/singing across the hallway and in the classroom.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything Skit

Order of appearance:
Lorraine - God's Creation
Sonny - God
Greg - Romance
Alisa - Other love interest
Josh - Greed
Noreen - Drunkenness
Kara - Vanity
Alex - Drugs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Raining Men

This is the captain speaking...

The boys and I just finished taking a group shower, outside, in the rain, from a large bucket of water. If that isn't team unity, then I don't know what is.

Anyway, today has been a long, crazy and fun day! Let's recap...

Happy Camp - Many, many kids! Praise God that it was overcast so it wasn't too hot for both the kids and the team. After a fun time of games, testimony (applause for Alex) and prizes, we ended the day with Elephuñata! Kids bashing an elephant-shaped box with a broom handle, what can be better??

Mini event at Akha dormitory - We held a small camp at a dormitory that housed Akha (tribal people) students. It was very spontaneous since we didn't know what to expect so we just played games and crafts. Turns out the Akha dorm manager's birthday was tomorrow so the students had prepared a surprise cake and gifts. It was pretty awesome to hear about how much the manager cares for the students (LIKE, for touching moment and teary students!). Even though we were only there for about two hours, we definitely felt God's love amongst the students.

Youth group - We had the opportunity to attend the weekly youth group meeting at the orphanage/church. It was nice to interact with the older youth and we even performed the "Everything" skit for them. Performance + sweatiness = AMAZING.

Anyway, the reason for the initial paragraph was that there isn't any running water currently so we had to make do's with what we had. And don't worry, the girls were able to shower in an actual shower area. No shame for us guys showering outdoors (LIKE, for a group of adults that sat about 10 feet away from us).

Though we may be leaving tomorrow, please continue to pray for the spiritual impact that we hopefully had made for the last two weeks. It's been a blessing and I'm sad to be leaving, but we know that He will continue the work. God is good. All the time.

Over and out.


Friday, July 29, 2011


This is your captain speaking...

We just arrived at the orphanage! It is super hot and humid but it was exciting to see the kids again! There's actually a lot more kids than last year and we found out it's because the orphanage is housing Ahka kids who were flooded from their dormitory last week. Please pray that their dormitory can be repaired back to a livable condition (but in the meantime that we can also have fun with them!).

Tomorrow is the Happy Camp and we're anticipating over 100 kids (a lot more than expected)! Holy moly! Please pray that our team will be able to make adjustments and overall be able to show love with our little brothers and sisters.

Sawadeebye for now! Salute!

Captain Somchai

Thursday, July 28, 2011

La gon, for now

Our two weeks of teaching are finally over! Yesterday after school we had our Evangelistic/Farewell Party. Though it seemed a bit rushed, PTL that the party was a success! We had 60-80 students in attendance, more than the number that usually comes to English Corner; some students even cried watching our "Everything" skit...Doris, too. (A few girls even cried when taking their last pictures with Caleb.) After the party we were bombarded with pictures, videos, and gifts. Overall, it was muy bien!

Last night a few of us had the opportunity to drive up the foothill border between Thailand and Burma next to our resort/hotel with the resort manager. It was dusk and the scenery was majestic.
Psalm 19:1-4
1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they reveal knowledge.
3 They have no speech, they use no words;
no sound is heard from them.
4 Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.
In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.
Today we will be leaving Maesai to the orphanage in Hwei Peung. Our bags are packed and ready to load into Peter's truck right after lunch at school. It's a little bittersweet not having to teach anymore but having to say goodbye to all our students and new friends. La gon, Maesai Prasitsart, you will remain in our prayers!